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employee values 

Balanced Lifestyle 

We require a healthy lifestyle from our employees. We want to make sure we can be at peak performance at all-times, and to do that we pursue a balanced life across all areas: work, relationships, family, fitness/health, and emotional well-being. 

Trust & Delegation

Effective businesses are characterized by flat hierarchies and high decision speed. We put our employees on the driver’s seat and we trust they will make the best decisions for the clients and the business. This lets top management focus on strategic decisions. 

Ethics & Integrity 

Our behaviours reflect consistency overtime. We walk the talk and we are consistent between what we say we will do and what we actually do. 


We pursue understanding. We make a proactive effort to fully understand our colleagues' point of view. We engage in tough conversations and if there is a clash between perspectives, we understand their point of view before presenting ours.

High Performance 

We believe in Coopetition as a driver for excellent performance. We all help each other achieve our potential, and the company’s top talents are rewarded with additional responsibilities as they take part to high-visibility projects. 


We practice daily gratitude. We recognize that we are here because clients and stakeholders trusted us. We do our best to overdeliver. 

t1 Growth Academy values 

Learning & Growth 

We embrace temporary discomfort for longer-term growth

When we find something new which is hard to grasp but could propel us and our clients to greater things, we push ourselves to learn and grow. 

High Standards 

We require the highest standards of Integrity and Reliability from ourselves and all our clients. At T1 Growth Academy, we act in consistency with our value compass. We value our word, we do not waste clients' time, and we deliver on our promises. We aim at being trustworthy and perform consistently well. 


Implementation is all that matters; we aim at seeing real change in our clients. When people have unfulfilled potential, we adopt a customized Coaching approach to help them unleash that power and become Leaders of their life. 

Social impact & Advocation 

We aim at being the best for the world, and not only in the world. We relentlessly pursue Social Impact and Bottom of the Pyramid projects and we strongly advocate for the needs of worldwide communities

Servant Leadership 

We live a life of service. We are professionals, givers, servant leaders who endlessly strive to bring a change, little or big, in the world. We strive to break barriers, stereotypes and prejudices

Boldness & Innovation 

We take the Blue pill and we thrive under pressure. We refuse to accept the status quo and we take initiative to improve it. We defy the odds. We recognize that pressure is a privilege and we should never run from leaving a legacy.

Podcast values 


We believe that the secret of living is giving. We record Podcast episodes in the attempt of empowering and inspiring worldwide high-potentials to embrace a path of Leadership and self-development. 

Empowerment & Advocation 

We give a voice to people across the globe. We believe that everyone has a story, a talent, a dream to tell; thanks to the SmarTalks Show, we now have a platform, a safe space, where everyone can share their stories. 


We forge leaders who can tackle wicked problems. We nurture new servant leaders with wisdom, freedom, autonomy, setting the stage for them to shine and bring a change, especially for the last privileged in the society. We listen to people’s stories, leverage on their talents, and make them able to achieve their dreams and make an impact in the world. 

Facebook community values 

Deinos & Diversity 

We appreciate and cherish Diversity and multiculturalism which are at the core of everything we do at T1 Growth Academy. 

Deinos (δεινός) is a Greek word whose meaning is both “wondrous, marvellous” and “terrible, producing fear”. Every time we face diversity, we embrace the cognitive dissonance and we appreciate the incredible diversity the world has to offer. In a world where differences are used as weapons to divide, we strongly believe that our differences make us special, unique, and stronger when we grow together

Plurality of identity and thoughts is also well-represented by Panim (פָּנִים), Hebrew word for “face”. This term is grammatically plural, which suggests that there is no single "face" or appearance that can fully define or express the essence of a person. As we grow, we truly experience a transformation in our identities. Rather than be scared, let's get excited for our growth!

Ubuntu & Community 

I am because we all are”.  The word ubuntu is just part of the Zulu phrase "Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu", which literally means that a person is a person through other people. 

Ubuntu is the essence of being human: a solitary human being is a contradiction in terms, because we learn from other human beings how to be human. We define ourselves in virtue of what other people are. We learn, grow and get inspired looking at others

Ubuntu fosters appreciation for diversity and takes away toxic competition. It reminds us that, in this divided world, we play like one team. It means that if you bring something to eat at the Live Event, you bring it for everyone.

Equality & Support 

We value and invest in our community and are grateful for the positive connections. We act as one single organism and we are ready to help if someone needs a hand, because we understand that together we go further

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