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Specifically designed to make you a Leader of your Life and step in into the shoes of your new Identity. 

This ​4-month 1:1 Coaching program is fully managed by Matteo and includes 12 weekly sessions.

"Once you increase your self awareness, gain clarity on your Purpose, overcome self-limiting beliefs

and visualize your future, it is just a matter of time before you accomplish your Life Goals."

Scroll down for a sneak peek on the Sessions and contact us to discover the Special Offer!


In this first session, I want to know everything about you and understand your MindsetI will ask you questions and you will elaborate so that I can get a full honest picture of who you are and where you want to go. We will have an overview of all the areas of life. 

Identity Day

After Session 1, I will ask you to complete some behavioral assessments. In Session 2, I will give you personalized insights that will help you understand yourself better. We will dive into DISC communication style, chronotype, personality, etc.

Purpose Day

This is my favorite session! In Session 3 we will dive into Purpose. Clients typically find this session one of the most valuable because they finally understand why they are alive. They connect the dots in their past and find direction. 


If the weather is clement, we will have an outdoor day where we will reconnect with nature, breathe in through past trauma and practice meditation to appreciate the beauty that is part of our lives. We will then design a compelling Vision for your life. 

Energy Day

Session 5 is all about energy, power and visualization. We will jump, make moves, shout, overcome self-limiting beliefs and visualize the future. We will say bye to the old self who does not serve you anymore, and focus on your new you. 


In our last session, we will talk about habit implementation and I will ensure that we make a forward plan that is fully customized to you and can make it easy for you to implement your first keystone habit. Get ready for some strategy! 


Most of our clients decide to keep the positive momentum going and extend their growth investment for a full year.

I have therefore partnered with other worldwide Facilitators to develop laser-focused programs!

Focus on Life 

In the first three months together, we will have a high-level overview of the different areas of your life. However, we will not focus in any of them in particular because the first important step is getting into the right mindset, breaking through limitations, and defining your new identity. Once the new you is a Leader of his/her life, we can laser-focus on one area of your life where you wish to implement massive changes

Focus on skills

High-income Skills can bring your life to the next level. If you learn the right skills, you can tackle any challenge, monetize your talents, and communicate your value
Choose a high-income skill, and for the next 3 months, we will design a customized program where we will teach you the fundamentals, track your progress and ensure you are heading to the right direction.

Focus on habits

Many clients start their transformation program but they lack the consistency to implement new habits. In this program, we will select one Keystone habit and we will focus on it for 3 months. We will be your accountability partners, tell you what you need to hear rather than what you want to hear, and practice some tough love to ensure you receive honest and constant feedback to thrive. 

Do not give up, transformation takes time, enjoy the new person you are becoming!

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