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Krisztian, Entrepreneur and Risk Manager at Morgan Stanley

Matteo is a fantastic, enthusiastic, encouraging, and well-prepared coach. Through his coaching sessions, I have learned a lot about leadership fundamentals and styles, behavioral science, and personality types that helped me a lot in better understanding myself, my style and attitude, and that of others with whom I am currently working with or with whom I will work in the future. These learnings will definitely help me to become a better leader, a better teammate, and a better individual as well both in my professional and personal life.

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Jana & Mihri,
Founders of Beams

We have completed the Leadership Program with Matteo. As two early-stage startup founders, it was very beneficial for us to learn about our strengths and complementary skills. Matteo is very enthusiastic and focused, he guided us reflecting on our core values and motivations with great insights. Thanks!


Paolo, Medical Doctor &
Founder of InMedica

I reached out to Matteo to have his feedback on a business idea that has been picking in the back of my head for some time and not only did he motivate me to jump right into the project, but he also analysed and helped me correct the critical aspects, allowing me to make the idea concrete. Matteo also helped me understand my behavioural and character traits that will either be an asset or a liability in making this entrepreneurial idea a reality. I can now play on my strength rather than my weaknesses! This is what coaches are for: critical thinking, down-breaking of problems and positive enforcement! 


Andrea, Financial Management Consultant @ KPMG

Every time  I am looking for insights on Negotiation, Communication and Goals achievement, Matteo is the first expert I call. He always asks me the right questions to understand the bigger picture and provides me with value-adding feedback which enables me to turn the situation in my favor or to pass my message in a more effective way.


Marco, Wharton MBA Candidate

I lived with Matteo for 3 years and I experienced first-hand the unwavering dedication with which he challenges and works on himself every day. Everything he teaches, he paid and went through it himself first, and this is why he truly understands how you feel. I am looking forward to his first Live Event!


Francesca, Marketing &
Strategy Consultant

I met Matteo during a year abroad. When I found out that he decided to leave his corporate job to follow his dream, I decided to take part to an online Coaching session with him. After sharing our professional experiences, I asked his opinion about Behavioral Science topics that intrigue me. I could see that Matteo was knowledgeable about insights that were beneficial to self-assess people’s core strengths and areas of improvement. He also suggested some resources to deepen my knowledge on those topics!


Patrick, Senior Enterprise
Account Executive @ Oracle

I recently took part to a Transformational weekend with Matteo and I have found it truly inspiring. Our discussions on Business and Life Strategy offered me a fresh perspective and I am now taking a full month to work on my energy levels and redefine a clear Vision for my life. If you are looking for someone who can strategize your goals and put things in perspective for you, Matteo is your guy!


Luca, Co-Founder and
CEO @ AprilCares

Matteo coached me in preparation of an investor meeting. He shared with me some tips I could immediately use to improve the way I was portraying my company story to my audience. He is a truly inspiring Leader and Coach that helped me improve my fundraising odds.


Giulia, Management Consulting Analyst @ Accenture UK 

I was directed to Matteo in a moment where I had a lot on my plate and I had to make life-changing decisions. His vibes immediately put me in a good mood and he connected me with his network who was ready to give me all the information to make informed decisions!


Marina, Medicine and
Surgery Student

I will always remember when, in a moment of doubt and fear in face of a new and demanding path, I called Matteo and with no hesitation and with positive energy he told me that a challenging path was the right direction, he made me feel like I could succeed, I just had to trust myself!


Mattia, Senior Associate
Consultant @ OC&C - LTP

As soon as I found out that Matteo decided to launch his Growth Academy, I booked two 1:1 Coaching sessions with him. I had several questions on his transition from a Corporate job to an Entrepreneurial path, and Matteo was able to give me a lot of clarity on how I can identify my Purpose, gain greater control of my life and strategize my goals.


Monica, Client Service
Associate @ Guidepoint

Matteo has been my Mentor for the past year. Not only we had a lot of fun in our sessions, but thanks to his methods, I have identified my Passion and core skills, gained confidence, and planned the next year of my life. I would highly recommend him!


Siddharth, Senior Data
Scientist @ Optum

I was once visiting a friend who happened to be Matteo’s flatmate at the time. Our conversation turned out to be one of the most enriching coaching sessions I have ever experienced. Matteo had a great deal of knowledge which he used to analyze my problem, and come up with creative solutions, which I now use every day to ensure I am in the right direction! He is a great Coach!


Basil, Project Management @ Roche Diagnostics International

I first met Matteo in Dublin as my Master's mentor and I am really glad for that!  As a Mentee, I could really feel his passion for coaching and helping others. Not only was he available to answer all of my doubts during our monthly meetings, but also to coach and prep me for any interview and application process I was part of. His tips and experiences allowed me to grow not only as a student and future professional but also as a person. Now he actually became a great friend; he even sent me my favorite food for my Birthday!


Anil, Entrepreneur & Day Trader

Matteo has been my business partner for over 6 months and I can see how beneficial this has been for my life. I have identified my Why and what gives me Purpose. Matteo is a Master of Leadership, Behavioral Science and Energy and understands why people do what they do. Just talking to him, I have had incredible breakthroughs. Looking forward to our Mastermind.

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