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We envision a world where businesses thrive, people are happy to wake up in the morning, and the planet is a more understanding and inclusive place.


At T1 Growth Academy, we act as servant Leaders who aim at being the best for the world, not only in the world, and at being the driving force behind this transformation. 

High Fives


As a young and fast-growing international Coaching business, we are on a mission to impact 50M people by 2025 through Leadership coaching, live events and philanthropy.

We aim to empower ambitious young professionals with personal and professional development programs by matching them with leading coaches and business experts (Facilitators).

Our approach is designed to achieve highly focused outcomes. Get on board to design customized success strategies to stay competitive and live up to your full potential! 

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We stand as a reminder that a breakthrough, for your life and for your business, is possible. 

At T1 Growth Academy, we consciously decide to take the responsibility of a better World on our shoulders and we do not step back in face of the challenges. We make a bold choice of leading, rather than following. We find purpose in defying the odds and transforming the world. 

When we follow through and we put our Values into action, we feel great pride and satisfaction. We recognize that our failure in delivering optimal results will have a direct, negative impact on people’s lives

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