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A result-oriented Professional 

🌏 I envision a world where businesses thrive, people live with Purpose, and the planet is a more understanding and inclusive place. 
🎯 To fulfil my Vision, I am on a Mission to create the best Personal Development program that has ever existed. 

✈️ At 20 years old, I presented a Law proposal to the Italian Parliament. At 21, I represented Italy in China, in conjunction with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Summit. 

🥇 After graduating with Honours and carrying out 11 projects in 8 countries, I pursued a Corporate career in Ireland as trusted Advisor to C-level Executives. In three years, I broke the EMEA record for Experts' satisfaction (98-100%), highest-performing negotiator Worldwide, and I founded and hosted company-wide Culture events. 

✅ After years of research, I founded T1 Growth Academy and designed the world’s first Leadership course backed by Behavioural Science. 

🚀 Nowadays I support professionals in Tech Multinationals with their growth and personal development journey. Together, we travel the world for 1:1 Coaching, Live Events and Masterminds. 
💼 I also partner with 21 top-notch Facilitators from USA, Europe and Asia to help companies to develop Leaders and valorise their human capital. 

Get in touch today if you want RESULTS

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