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What is Your Life Vision?

What is the Vision for your Life? I appreciate that some of you might tell me “I do not even know what I will eat for dinner and I do not have time for your stupid questions!”. However, since my job is asking tough questions, defining your Life Vision is very important and this is why I discussed it in the most recent Podcast episode.

Let’s say that you are the most talented airplane pilot in Italy and an 18 year old pilot challenges you saying that he will get to the destination before you. Proud of your achievements, you accept the challenge without knowing one condition: you will have to travel without your compass. Who do you think will get to the destination sooner? I have no doubt the young pilot who knows exactly in which direction he should go will get there sooner.

You see, it has nothing to do with skills! We have already said you are the best pilot in the country. It has to do with having a clear direction! The same applies to your life. What I see in many talented, but frustrated, people is that they wonder through life without having a clue of what their direction is. This is why you hear me talking about Vision, Mission, Purpose, Strategy, etc.

Let’s dive in. What do you want to create? How do you want your life to be?

What is a Life Vision? In my opinion, the vision comes from the heart. The vision is the highest expression of our self! Vision is really stepping into possibilities! Do not think about “How can I fix my situation?”. Step into “What could really be possible?”.

Think about the vision in this way: “Oh my God if I stepped into this I would truly feel alive!”. That’s how a Vision is supposed to make you feel.

First question I want to ask you is:

1. Why are you reading this Article? Is it because you are curious, because you decided it is time to change your life, why are you here? Set a clear intention.

If you have been following me for a while, you might know that I spend a substantial portion of my income in self-development courses. The reason I do this is because I believe I can increase the quality of my life. I want to perfect my Vision and I want to understand who I need to become to live that Vision fully.

Knowing your why is important because we move towards what we think about. The thoughts we think, the words we use, define our future.

If my car is broken, I will see mechanics on the road. If I am hungry, I will see fast food! Remember, we all see the same things, but we see them from a different perspective, in different ways! Therefore, be careful about what you focus on. If you see all the reasons why you are not good enough, you are not focusing on our Vision, on our Why, and you will never reach it.

FOCUS matters. What we focus on amplifies. If you focus on problems, you will see problems everywhere!

When you define a Life Vision, you need to come from an abundance frame and a possibilities frame. Ask yourself “What possibilities exist for me in this moment?”. Let’s say you come to a live event I run; your attitude will be very different if you come because your life is full of problems and you want to stop suffering or because you want an epic life and you step into possibilities of amazing things happening for you!

Have you ever tried to teach something to people? You tell your friends, family, etc. and they do not seem to grasp the importance of what you are telling them. The thing is, they are not entering a conversation with an open mind. They are not stepping into the curiosity, the possibilities that their life could be better thanks to that knowledge! Make sure to never make this mistake yourself when someone is presenting their perspective to you.

Many people are also afraid of possibilities. Ask yourself: “Is the reason why I am not achieving my Vision the fact that I am afraid of the possibilities?.

Our thoughts create our reality. Let me give you an example. What do you do if you switch the light off and the corridor is dark? You probably run, don’t you? Because you think there is a monster even if you know monsters do not exist. This is us creating our reality!

So, let’s work on creating possibilities rather than stupid shit, shall we?

Practice awareness. Catch yourself when you are worried about the problem! In the midst of challenges, you must connect to your Vision. We must do it every single day.

Focusing on possibilities rather than problems takes practice, takes a lot of work! This is why, by the way, last monthly challenge of the T1 Growth Academy was all about reframing a complaint into an opportunity. We cannot do it at the first try, we need to practice it a thousand times. Some people might not see why I am designing the challenge, but there is a very strong thinking behind it!

Imagine if you focus on problems for the next 10 years. How will your life be? Now, how will it be if you focus on your Vision instead?

Imagine what happens to a world that is not connected to a Vision! A country that is not connected to a Vision. A company that is not connected to a Vision. It would be a terrible world!

State with me “Today is a new day. It is the first day of the rest of my life”. You are under no obligation to be the person you were 5 minutes ago! Take time to design the Vision and then move towards it. Look back only to witness how far you have come.

2. What are the consequences of you not showing up with Vision?

For me, if I do not work towards that Vision, it means that the world will not be a better place. It means settling for mediocrity rather than living up to my potential. Most people do not connect to Vision! They settle for a mediocre life, the “just go on”.

What you need to realize is that you have been connected to a Vision for your entire life. What you need to figure out is if this is the Vision you really want for your life.

Your life is your life because in the past you visualised it, unconsciously or consciously. Or other people, even worse, visualised your life for you! Your family, for instance.

You are where you are today because your past thoughts and actions created this future. Humans create futures. What we did not realise in the past is that we were creating this present moment.

Since the present moment is created by a past vision, if we want a different Vision we need to sit down today and design a different Vision! If the suit you are wearing, the identity you are embodying, does not fit you anymore, transform it! Change it!

Your Vision is fluid, not fixed. Find a Vision that really fires you up.

Another important thing that I realised over time is that the highest purpose of a clear Vision is not what really happens in the future. I know this might seem counterintuitive. I design a Vision and then I do not achieve it? What’s the point? Well, the purpose of a new Vision is that it will make you show up in a different way every day.

Think about this. The reason why you are not showing up as a different person today is because you are still connected to an old, shitty vision!

Did you know that the average human has 7000 thoughts every day and 90% are negative? If you let your negative thoughts “I am not good enough” mess with your head, you will never show up well, you will never achieve your Vision. 

You will notice, after this Podcast, that you are constantly having a conversation with yourself. Pay attention and tell me: what is being said in that conversation?

Practice conscious and positive thinking. Imagine playing a piano. The more you practice, the easier it gets. You know that I do not believe in “positivity” but I do believe in reframing a negative thought into a positive one.

Important: the Vision is not a goal! A Goal is “I want to make x money”. We have talked about Goals Settings, one of the most important things to do for your life.

However, if you only focus on the goal, you will be paralyzed by the analysis. How can I achieve that goal? So difficult! All the problems start popping up. You will start thinking about what you need to DO to earn more rather than thinking about who you need to BE to earn more!

This is a big mistake people make: focus on the WHY, not on the HOW. If they Why is very clear, the How reveals itself! But if you focus on the How first, oh my gosh, what do you need to do to earn more money? You need to work harder, longer hours, find a job that pays more, apply to a new position, launch a side hustle, find a target client, develop a value proposition, etc…

You cannot focus on the How, you have to focus on the Why, on who you need to be! If you are now earning $30000 per year, think: “What kind of person earns $100000 a year?”.

If you say “My Vision is becoming a Millionaire”, be careful because becoming a millionaire is a by-product of your Vision. Becoming a millionaire is a Goal, while a Vision is the highest expression of your heart! What is life for you? And by the way, many friends say they want to be a millionaire and I want too but let’s keep in mind that our bank account does not define who we are, our actions for the world define who we are. That’s the Vision, when we achieve the Vision we do it so well that the money comes as a by-product.

Ask yourself: “Why is that important to me?”. Ask yourself Why 7 times! At that point, you will now the Vision, the ultimate reason of why what you do things will reveal itself to you. My suggestion is to connect to something that seems impossible but it makes you feel truly alive and you want to become that version of yourself.

When you feel the fear, that is a moment of bliss. Fear shows you that you are at the edge of your comfort zone! Lean forward because on the other side of that fear there is the version of yourself you need to become to achieve greater things!

The possibilities are endless and all outside the comfort zone.

Therefore, be connected to a Vision rather than fixing the problems because you will find the energy and the courage to become a new and better version of yourself.

Make your life a masterpiece, see you next week, I appreciate you and I hope you have an amazing day.

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