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Leaders Lead!

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

Hi guys! I have decided to start a blog where I discuss the content of my Spotify & Apple Podcast in written form. Hope you enjoy it! :)

Today, we are going to talk about WHAT it means to be a Leader, why everyone CAN become a Leader and why everyone SHOULD become a Leader.

Before we start, let me clarify that, for the Leadership enthusiasts, I am aware that we define a Leader as someone who leads or commands a group, organization, or country.

A leader is someone who can see how things can be improved and who rallies people to move toward that better vision.

A Leader is a Leader in virtue of the fact that Followers identify and legitimate him/her as Leaders.

However, in this Blog, we will explore the concept of Self-Leadership and how everyone can become a Leader.

Let’s start with a question: Think about someone, someone close to you if possible, someone you know very well, who you admire for their Leadership skills. Take a few seconds.

Did you think about yourself?

When I am at speaking engagements, I ask this question and still up to this days no one has ever humbly said “Well I think I have some good Leadership qualities!”.

On the contrary, most people say “Oh I did not think about myself because I am not a Leader, come on”.

Picture this person in your head:

John Fitzgerald, a 40-year old man with a beautiful family. His finances in order, he works in a job where he grows and he has other two streams of passive income; he eats healthy and does physical activity twice a week. He is spiritually sound and well-connected with mother Nature and his network of friends.

Is John Fitzgerald a Leader of his life? In my opinion, he is. He has his shit together!

The problem is that when we think about leaders we think about Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Michael Jordan. Of course Elon Musk is a Leader, a Visionary, etc. However, you do not need to be Elon Musk. You can be John Fitzgerald, Susie Rogan, Francois De Gaulle!

You do not need to Lead a billion dollar company to be a Leader.

When you think about you being the World Leader of a Billion dollar company, that is something that, if you wish, and if you work hard enough, will happen down the road.

But even if you want to become that kind of Leader, everything starts from you Leading yourself. You. Leading. Yourself. You have to become the Master of your fate, the captain of your vessel.

Like never before, the World needs Leaders! Why? Because Leaders implement change and lead humanity into a better place, the draw a Vision which is so strong that everyone is pulled toward that Vision!

Leaders Lead! A company, a Team, but first of all, themselves.

For the past 5 years, I have conducted research on Leadership, trying to understand what makes great leaders and why many of us are not interested in Leadership.

Most people, when you mention the word Leadership, they start getting stressed. They do not want to hear anything about it!

In this post, we are going to address WHY you can become the Leader you have always wanted to be. If you are listening to this Podcast, there is probably an inner Leader inside yourself that wants to be unleashed. Listen to that voice, because that is who you were meant to be.

Are Leaders born, or can anyone become a Leader?

If you surf the Net and Social Media, you will find some people who believe Leaders are born, and others who believe that Leaders are made with effort and dedication.

All of them are right, and all of them are wrong.

1. Leadership studies show that, first of all, some people are born Leaders!

Some people have a natural strength, or empathy, or desire to serve, and Leading comes very natural to them. You might have experienced this yourself or with someone you know: you assign them to a new Team, a situation where they should feel discomfort, and instead they love it. They thrive. They connect with the people, they listen to them, they figure out what each one of them is great at doing, they divide the tasks, set expectations, and the team thrives and everyone loves them.

How do they do it? Well, they have a natural talent, the talent to lead.

2. But Nature is not all. We can learn to Lead.

Great Leaders are nurtured. Imagine you are a football player and you have a natural talent. What happens if you miss your training sessions? You will be a shitty player, no matter how talented you are. You will be the best in High-School, maybe the best in College, but at some level people who are equally talented will outwork you. If you want to go to the next level you need to put in the hours!

You can Learn to become a Leader. Here are a couple of tips:

  • Read, there is so much material!

  • Follow Leaders who inspire you and model them. I follow at least 50 people on Social Media and they all share their routines and tips. I take the best of them all and I mix it into my own strategy, my own Leadership secret sauce.

  • If you work at a company, observe your Managers. I learned so much about what I should be doing, and also what I should not be doing, just by observing them!

  • And most importantly, try to lead at a smaller scale. Offer your help to people. Ask your friends, your real friends, how you could inspire more confidence in them. How could I be a better Leader?

3. And here is the most amazing thing in my opinion. Our body is designed to adapt and support us in any situation

Once you realize how amazing your body is, you will feel way more powerful and confident than you already are. I would really encourage any of you to take some time and learn about how magic your body is because you will be mind blown.

Leadership studies show that, if you take someone, a no one, alright?, and you assign them to a Leadership role with no natural talent, no experience, no training, their level of testosterone will increase!

If this is not mind incredible, I do not know what is. Our body adapts to ensure we have the necessary strength, physical and mental capabilities to perform according to the expectations! To me, this is amazing because it shows that our body is designed to thrive! We just need to take the first step, that leap of faith, and tell our body “Let’s go”.

And here is my invitation to you who are listening to this Podcast episode: Let’s go. You have one life, make it meaningful. Do not wait to be ready because you are already ready, and you will be ready.

You were designed to succeed. You were designed to take control of your life. And together, we are going to transform and perform at the highest level.

If you liked this Blog please share it with someone you know and love, the only way we grow and impact more people is if you guys share it so I greatly greatly appreciate all of you who will do it.

Have a great day ahead! :)

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