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Anil Yadhav on "Intelligence & Boldness"

Updated: Jun 26, 2021

Hi guys! I have decided to start a blog where I discuss the content of my Spotify & Apple Podcast in written form. Hope you enjoy it! :)

Have you ever wondered what a growth mindset look like?

In the 3rd episode of the Podcast, I was delighted to be joined by my friend and business partner Anil Yadhav who has a winner mindset.

Intelligence & Boldness. Why are these two characteristics important?

If we look back at life, people assume it’s just knowledge. And knowledge is important, but at the same time action is very important!

To do what you love and happy you need to take action.

Let’s take Elon Musk, he had to take the risk. We all know a lot of people who are very intelligent but they do not take action and risk. And how do you take risks? What is risk management?

Intelligence leads you to knowledge but knowledge itself will never lead you anywhere. You need to take massive action and accept failure as part of the progress.

Something very interesting about Anil is that he loves to risk, but he always takes balanced risks, e.g. in finances he invests a bit, sees how it goes, and then invests more. Why should we always start with little risk?

Anil explained that he was afraid of risk, but then he realised that all the greatest people and people he looked up to had one thing in common and that was they all took risk and they all failed. They were dropouts, they were living in their parents’ garage, etc. All the wealthy and successful people invest! You are not making money until your money is making money for you.

Risk management is being willing to lose  something that will let you sleep well and not affect the overall quality of your life. 

Also, if you lose money, you can make it back. But time, once lost, you can never make it back. Time is the new currency! You need to spend time to understand how to make more time.

When the market crashed, Anil was chilling on the sofa! And I asked him “How can’t you be stressed?” and he was not stressed because he took calculated risks. He educated himself, and prepared a strong mindset. Failing is part of human psychology from the time we are born, Eg; babies learn to walk by falling several times and standing back up, you should also fall down, get up, and keep walking. Anil does not want to stress for two days because he knows it will go up in the long run! And if he fails, he learnt something that he will take it forward.

Failure is not a negative thing. Make failure your friend! Because we can learn from failure. The beauty about failing is that you will not re-start from scratch, you will start from where you fell. Risk is important, if you lose you lose some, but if you gain you can easily 10x.

When I started investing, I thought I was able to take on a lot of risk, and then Apple went down by $3 and I was panicking! Psychology is a very important part of the process.

Anil seems to love to fail. He always used to tell me, let’s hope this goes wrong. And me as a person who comes from a family where failure is not an option, if you fail they point a finger at you, seeing how comfortable he is with failure is impressive. Anil does not see himself as a failure, he asks himself what he can learn, and that’s the growth mindset! Growth mindset is not never failing! Growth mindset is “I fail, I get up again, and I keep going”. That’s the winner’s mindset, that’s the mindset of great personalities like Michael Jordan etc!

Anil: I made peace with failure. Forced myself to fail. Because if everything goes right it’s too easy! When my trades were right I was concerned, no one can be right every time.

It all starts with school. In school, you have been taught that if you make a mistake you will be punished. They don’t let you fail. This is why the majority of people think failing is wrong. But human mindset is technically built around failing. We only learn through failures.

Failing is something I like because you learn something. If you always do the right thing, you are not learning. Failure teaches you more than winning!

And if I fail I do not care about people’s opinions. Howard Shultz was rejected more than a 100 times. Jack Ma was rejected at KFC!

Don’t do what the majority is doing because that’s the easy way. To get something you have never had, you must do something you never did.

Replicate what successful people are doing in your own way.

Why do you think people are so afraid of failing? It seems that people are afraid of opportunities! It seems that some people are not comfortable with the unknown. "Maybe this is not for me". They stand on their own way instead of getting opportunities, they tell themselves they are not capable of doing something even before trying! And are afraid of everyone’s opinion.

Anil: I do not blame them because they grew up in a society where people told them “You can’t do this, you can’t do that”. I am grateful I realised this early. In the end, I am completely different from my family because I chose to be different. They are lovely, but I chose to be open-minded, I did not want to follow into society’s trap, I chose to not make society happy and make myself happy first.

At the end of the day, you must choose happiness for you. Are you happy? Do I do things that make me happy? I do not care if my mom, my teacher, are happy. Are YOU happy? Am I happy for me?

Do what you really love. Life is a profit, you were born with nothing, anything above that is a profit. Be grateful for life and use it well.

Find your why and you will figure out everything. It’s a defining moment!

Why were you born? What is your purpose? Everyone has a purpose. It does not have to be financially rich!

I hate the phrase “be yourself!”. It’s not be yourself, it’s be a better version of yourself! Being yourself is basic, it’s level one! But reach level 2, level 10, level infinity..!

Are you being a better version of yourself, with mental health, with public speaking, relationships, parenting, etc.

Figure out how to be a better version of yourself! Last year I wrote to all my close people and asked “tell me a good and bad thing about myself”.

Know your negative side. People are afraid of knowing their negative side! You need to know it, I know it!

Of course don’t ask people you don’t seek advice from.

It’s all about balance. Balance is the real way of living. Be cocky but be caring. Life is balance. Find your Why! It will change your purpose, you will look at the world and make friend with the right people!

And don’t try to change people who don’t want to change! They must be in the right mindset and willing to pull themselves up.

Choose Growth & Happiness over everything.

Think about your happiness, it is okay to be selfish! You must work on your happiness! If you are full of love, then you can express love! But if you give give give and not do what you love because someone might judge you, or not taking risks because you might fail, then you will arrive at a point when you are so empty inside that you hurt the people around you!

Anil is incredible at self-management. If he feels a bit down and wants to take time for himself, he simply says so!

Your mind is your best friend, don’t lie to your mind! Don’t talk bad about yourself because your mind is listening to you!

Everyone has energy. It all depends on how much positive and negative energy you have ! You begin to smile and enjoy the smallest things the more positive energy you have.

We need to learn how to transform the negative energy into positive energy! I saw Anil doing it and it’s amazing! Be mindful of your energy at all times. I am usually positive and I love being with people, but sometimes I forget about myself in the attempt of pleasing people. But if you really want to bring the best version of yourself you must manage your energy!

It’s ok to be selfish and say “I am not coming today”. If I am going to meet someone, I want to be my best self and if I am at a party or event and I don’t have the energy, I simply leave.

That’s the key! Life is simple! But our mind is set to do convenient things and fall into bad habits very easily. It's hard to do the right thing. It’s not complicated, just put your shoes on and go for the run. But it’s hard to do it.

Temporary discomfort for longer term pleasure. This is life-changing. I would tend to go for a temporary comfort that then leads to long-term unhappiness and overthinking. And Anil told me “why don’t you suffer momentarily so that you grow more later?”.

People are afraid of the temporary pain. That’s how our mind is built!

Anil: A laptop is important because you make an income out of it! You spend $2000 because it’s an investment! A PS5? I would have slapped you! You have to feel bad for it!

You want to be a drummer? Money on a drum is well-spent! Alcohol? Well once in a while, but you need a balance! Sometimes I order from Deliveroo often and then I regret it! And then I realise it was only a temporary pleasure! Sometimes you need some temporary pleasure to keep pumping into a long term pleasure.

Choose happiness over everything and anything. The real people will be with you, you will get support from the right people. You thought many people would have supported you but you were disappointed! Don’t expect things from people! Now the real test comes!

Many strangers support you more than the people you know, because the latter have a hard time accepting the fact that you came from the same place they did. They will support you until you are equal to them. Once you are getting better than them, they will bring you down.

This is why strangers support you more than your friends and family! Strong people don’t put weak people down.

Anil: Be true to your mind. Knowledge is important but action is more important. Everyone has some flows but are you trying to have a better version of yourself? Get to level 100!

I told all my friends to read a book Total money makeover, and you are the only one who read it. That’s when I knew you wanted to change! You quit your job! I have seen you struggle, work hard, doubt your abilities and strengths, because you are getting out of your comfort zone!

Keep doing what you are doing and don’t care about what people are saying.

Thanks for reading guys, please share it with people you know and love and have a beautiful day :)

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